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BusinessTYC on What's Out! ADDIS

This was a week of love and it just keeps on  getting better.  While we  were still dealing with the overwhelming  reaction we received  from the ICT expo, What’s Out! ADDIS  comes out with some love. Try to find What’s Out Addis! of June 2006 you will find us at the end of the issue.

BusinessTYC on What's Out! ADDIS

Since  What’s Out! ADDIS’s website is currently  down and since we are very happy, we have rewritten  the article   from the  magazine  here. Enjoy!

Tech Entrepreneurs Shake Up Business in Ethiopia


Any entrepreneur who has started a business in Ethiopia knows how frustrating it can be. All the legal requirements and confusing laws can easily persuade someone to quit. That’s why, Alula Kibrom and Leul Dengia, started Business TYC– a company that simplifies doing business in Ethiopia.

“When I started my business, I was overwhelmed by all the rules—especially the tax ones,” recalls Alula. “I felt like I was spending more time at the government offices than I was working on my ideas.”

That’s when his partner, Leul, decided that as programmers they could do something to solve this problem. “I knew there had to be a way we could innovate a system to solve these issues,” Leul said. “Once the idea came to me to start a tax software, I began coding right away.”

After developing and using their own ‘TYC Tax’ for over eight months, they realized more business owners would benefit from this too. “It didn’t seem right to keep this to ourselves anymore,” Leul admitted.

“That’s when we decided to make it available to others,” says Alula. “We didn’t want to make it expensive– like other software in Ethiopia though.” Which is why they chose cloud competing, a method that makes software available online without installing it on your own device. “It’s completely secure and keeps your information privates still,” says Leul.

Their software, TYC Tax, automatically prepares and declares your tax to the government. “The workers at Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority were really impressed when we showed them what we built,” says Alula. And the business owners and accountants who started using TYC Tax are already saying how much they appreciate the time and money they’re now saving. “It’s truly amazing,” says Berhane Teame, an accountant of eight years.

Regarding their future and personal ambition, Leul says, “We’d like to help and encourage more Ethiopians to take up a career in tech, and hopefully pass on that courageous spirit for generations to come.” 

Both Alula and Leul and their software, TYC Tax, are great examples that Ethiopian problems can be fixed by Ethiopians.

We really appreciate What’s Out! Addis team for recognizing our effort and the change we are trying  to make.  THANK YOU!!

Good journalism like this will help promote tech entrepreneurs like ours. Besides it will encourage people  to try  the idea of software as a service in Ethiopia. Since software as a service is new to Ethiopia, so many people have expressed their doubts in the expo. Yet with continued education we believe we will change this mentality for good. Once that is changed everyone will be able to use our’s and any software with minimum cost.

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