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We are on What’s Out! ADDIS – Thanks!

BusinessTYC on What's Out! ADDIS

This was a week of love and it just keeps on  getting better.  While we  were still dealing with the overwhelming  reaction we received  from the ICT expo, What’s Out! ADDIS  comes out with some love. Try to find What’s Out Addis! of June 2006 you will find us at the end of the issue. […]


Simple way to declare tax to ERCA

TYC eTax system. A simple way to declare tax to ERCA

Tax system in Ethiopia – Declare tax to ERCA online There are a number of  ways Ethiopian business owners can prepare and declare tax to ERCA (Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority). Bus there is  few  way to do it right in the twenty first century. In the century  where time and money are precious.  There […]