E-commerce Website Design and Development

E-Commerce in Ethiopia

Online business is booming in Ethiopia. The growing number of mobile payment methods and the ever increasing number of mobile users makes this prospect even promising.

In Ethiopia, the number of internet users is growing every single day. Therefore, to make your business dependent on your brick and mortar store is a bad strategy. Even if your store is in Merkato, you cannot reach everyone around the world. Hence, E-commerce is a no brainer.

An e-commerce site is more than a storefront. It is a way to conquer your industry and reach customers you never thought possible. An e-commerce site will build the reputation of your business. It will help you expand your brand nationally and internationally. Most importantly, an e-commerce website will expand your partnership and professional network.

E-commerce website design and development in Ethiopia

If we agree that E-commerce is the strategy with profound implications, how do we proceed? How do we design and develop an e-commerce website in Ethiopia?

E-Commerce Website design and Development in Ethiopia
E-commerce website design and development in Ethiopia.

TYC is a website design and development company in Ethiopia that specializes in e-commerce website design and development. Consequently, we have experience in creating e-commerce platforms for a variety of businesses. Also, we adopt advanced technologies and methodologies to design and develop highly customizable e-commerce sites. Furthermore, we adopt mobile apps with your e-commerce sites to expand your reach. Hence, if you are planning to start an e-commerce business in Ethiopia, TYC is your ideal partner.

At TYC we have the expertise to design and develop E-commerce sites using different technologies. Such as WooCoomerce, Magento and Shopify. Even if you have other ideas, like a custom e-commerce platform, our developers won’t shay away from it.

Besides internationally recognized E-commerce technologies, we have developed integration with different local mobile payment technologies. These local mobile payment technologies include Meda, CBE Birr, Mbirr and HelloCash

TYC E-commerce Site Development Methodologies

When design and developing your e-commerce site, we follow the following methodologies. Yet, these 13 step methodologies are like guidelines. Just like our other projects, we expect immense interaction with you. Hence, that will dictate our methodology more than anything.

The steps we use to design and develop your e-commerce site are:-

  1. Layout a strategy and research requirement,
  2. Choose a layout, color, typography, domain, and a platform,
  3. Design a mock-up of your e-commerce site,
  4. Then, we present the mockup design and discuss before finalizing,
  5. Design and develop your e-commerce site,
  6. Submit for first round review,
  7. Design your store and add products, with product filter
  8. Decide on pricing methods, pricing options, and payment methods
  9. Develop a smooth checkout user experience,
  10. Develop order and shipment management,
  11. Get final approval,
  12. And then, we go live and test,
  13. Finally, Integrate with analytic and reporting tools.