BusinessTYC Inventory System

There is one difference between mediocre and great business people. Great managers are willing to change and do anything for the success of their business. And this change starts with BusinessTYC Inventory.


Your stores might be in different sides of the city

Your stores might be in different sides of the city, but with TYC Inventory they all will end up in your pocket.

BusinessTYC inventory system helps you control store and warehouses that are far apart. Your stores might be in different parts of Addis Ababa. Even worse in different parts of Ethiopia or Africa. How do you make sure the item movements in these stores are well managed?

When you use BusinessTYC multi-store inventory system, you will own an eagle’s eye view of your stores. Where ever they are.


You might not have your computer all the time. It doesn’t matter.

Yes, your computer might get a virus. It might crash in the middle of important business. That is why you have to choose BusinessTYC. Unlike traditional software we are available both locally and on the cloud.


Availability is a big issue here, and we get it.

Power goes out all the time. There is connection problems. In Ethiopia and other major developing countries, availability is a big issue. That is why we made TYC Inventory to function online and offline.


Numbers Matter! Get Clear and Complete Reporting

Quality leadership and doing shrewd business is all about decisions. Some make decisions randomly. Some follow their intuitions. But great leaders refer the numbers before making any decisions. They get insight using reports and dashboards.

With BusinessTYC, you can design custom reports and dashboards. Dig deeper into years of data and make better decisions.


Integrated with third party software and other BusinessTYC applications

BusinessTYC Inventory system is integrated with other third part software like Peachtree. Most importantly it is well and fully integrated with other BusinessTYC software like TYC Books, TYC eTax, TYC Fixed Assets, TYC Purchase and TYC Sales.


Made for Ethiopian business in ming

The business rules and requirements in Ethiopia are different from the rest of the world.


Measure twice before you cut

You travel around the world looking for ways to improve your business.