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What is BusinessTYC eTax?

TYC eTax System

The tiniest improvements in key areas of your business can lead to an enormous difference in results. And what is a key area of your business if not TAX? BusinessTYC eTax application is an online tax system in Ethiopia. It helps you handle your tax and hence your money in an easy and modern way. It is unique, simple, and a fast way to manage your finances and declare your tax in Ethiopia.

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Why BusinessTYC eTax

Ethiopian Tax rules can be complex and daunting for some people. Even for those who master the rules, the execution continues to be a hassle and a painful experience.  As a result, right now :

  • You are wasting your precious time
    • By learning complex rules,Complex ERCA rules gives you headaches. Work with BusinessTYC eTax and avoid them.
    • By calculating & tracking  VAT, Withhold, Pension
    • By waiting  in line to pay tax,
    • By trying  to stay updated with  ERCA’s regulations.
  • You are are also wasting your hard earned money
    • By paying way more than you owe to ERCA,
    • By paying too much for inefficient accountants,
    • By losing receipts and other important documents.
  • You are getting headaches
    • From all the complex forms and calculations,
    • From all the human errors,
    • From all the loss of trust, money, time etc.
  • You are having problems with your clients and/or accountant.

Hence, it’s our strong belief that you need this app right now if you are doing business in Ethiopia. It will save you money and time. Not to mention all the hustle and complex calculations that can now be taken care of automatically.

BusinessTYC is the first online tax preparation and declaration software in Ethiopia. In fact, it is the only way to prepare and declare your tax to ERCA efficiently.

BusinessTYC eTax  – What is it?

BusinessTYC eTax is a simple online tool to prepare and declare your tax. In its basic form, it is an online  tax  declaration and tracking system. When used to its complete potential, it is an immense power to your business.

Some functionalities of eTax:

Prepares and declares monthly reports to ERCA.TYC eTax system. A simple way to declare tax to ERCA

This includes:

  • VAT declaration,
  • Employee Tax declaration,
  • Pension Tax declaration.

Automatically generates monthly Withholding Tax on Payment Declaration,

Manages and reports Local Purchases,

Manages and reports Local Sales.

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BusinessTYC Etax is in The Cloud

BusinessTYC eTax is everywhere once you subscribe. We are on the cloud. So you can access it where ever you are in the world using your laptop, tablet or phone. You can always track your business, your money and tax. TYC eTax System - sales page

BusinessTYC accessibility in Mobile, Tablet and Laptop

Your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone.