BusinessTYC Academia Application (Student Registrar System)

BusinessTYC academia application is a software for Ethiopian educational institutes. Institutes including high schools, colleges, universities, management institutes, etc. It is a web-based software. This application simplifies the task of your registrar department. Cuts cost related to student registrar. Saves you a lot of time. Most of all, it makes running your school fun.

TYC Academia is our solution to colleges and universities in Ethiopia. It gives school administrators the tools to excel in their pedagogical endeavor. At the same time, it empowers teachers and students with information. If you believe you are one of the elite schools in Ethiopia, you need this.

BusinessTYC Academia Application for Managing your Students and School

When you manage your school, you want to keep a record of and track each of your:

  • Students,
  • Teachers and
  • the programs/courses you offer, etc.

BusinessTYC Academia application enables you to do this with the following modules:

Students Registrar Management Module

BusinessTYC Academia’s  Students Registrar Management Model handles different activities of the typical registrar. These activities might be dealing with student applications. Students registration. Student enrollment. Student’s continued progress. Student’s withdrawal. etc. Some of the activities you can easily do with this module include:

  • Registering Students,
    • Enabling online application and registration of students,
  • Building Student Profile,
  • Enrolling Students into Programs and Course,
  • Checking students’ enrollments, progress (student exam or grade result), etc

Students Payment Management

Registering and enrolling students have to be followed up with strict payment tracking. How do you track your students’ payment history? BusinessTYC Student Registrar System’s payment module includes:

  • Setting up different kinds of payments,
  • Making payments for each student or group of students,
  • Tracking students who paid and  who haven’t paid on time,
    • Setting up penalty fee for late payments,
  • Taking necessary action like suspending students who don’t pay at all.

This module is integrated with BusinessTYC tax software.  It will gather each student’s payment as your sales. Every integration is depending on your configuration of the system.

Teachers Management Module

Teachers, instructors, and staff information management should be at the center of your school management. Successful schools, colleges, and universities manage their students using  BusinessTYC Academia and the system allows them to:

Exam and Grade Management

Most college administrators in Ethiopia struggle with keeping track of student exam results and grading.  Communicating these results from teachers to the registrar and to students is another challenge. Yet with a simple tool like BusinessTYC Academia, these tasks are simplified. Our customers have already done it. They are making their teachers and students happy. Now it is your turn.

Schedule Management

Scheduling classes, exams and other events in educational institutions can be complex and frustrating. We know!  Because we spent a major part of our life trying to figure it out.

That is why we have worked on this module, to make this challenging task your computer’s not yours. This module will take care of scheduling in your school.

NOTE: These are only some of the benefits and functionality of BusinessTYC Academia Application. To learn about the complete benefits, functions, and features of this software, please contact us. We will arrange a seminar/presentation for your school.