Do you need a website? Website for Business?

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Do you need a website?

It’s the online age. Everything is online. From business brands to personal brands. Businesses, people, songs, books, movies, software, apps, literature  works, food recipes, house, land, cars, spare parts, furniture, electronics, animals, etc have a website. The list goes on. But there are  people who still struggle about a website for business. Does your business need a website?

A website for Business

We  believe that a website should be one of the things you should build when you start a business. A website for business is a must. For any kind of business. You might think I am just a plumber and no one looks a plumber in the internet. You might say I am spare part owner and no one looks for car parts in the internet. I say don’t be fooled.

Whatever your business and whatever product or service you are selling people are already looking for it on the internet. The internet will surprise you with amazing results.

Why do you (your business) need a website?

As a business some may conclude that you need a website. No questions asked. But it is good to ask. Hence we did. Why do you need a website as a business. Here is our list. 

  • Brand awareness,

Your business probably have a logo, it’s own color, fonts and style. If not , we need to talk. Until we talk read this material on brand awareness.

If your business already have a logo, you need to continually create subconscious awareness. You can do this well only with ever present media. The internet it the only ever present media. Unlike print, radio and TV it’s always their for your clients.

  • Building Identity,

Your business  logo, colour of it’s choice, font, certain way of doing things, etc  add up to build your identity. When people see or hear anything related with your business they should remember a good experience they received their. Hence your website is there to remind them that.

  • Professional,

It is good to look professional, whoever you are dealing with. Don’t give the email, when you are doing business. Give

  • Continually attracting new customers,

Once you designed and build a good website, it has the potential to continually attract new customers. Whether you are working on it or not. Once it is up there it is not like a brochure where it will run out or a TV/Radio advertising. It will always be there.

  • Immediate interaction with customers,

In business customers ask questions. Most of these questions are repeated millions of time a date you sometimes wish to have some kind of machine to tell it to them. Well that machine is a website. Once you put in important information customers want you are done.

  • Reaching out,

Reaching out to customers and other followers you have is pretty easy once you have a good website. It is a perfect platform to do a good public relation. Soon  the media might just used to checking your website to get good information.

  • Show off anytime,

Really, there is nothing to say here but your website is your show off business tool.

  • Market new product or service,

Does your business come up with new way of doing things? New products and services? Then your  website  could be your product directory.

  • Influence,

With a website, once you got your voice heard you can continues pushing your idea. If you  have  persistence publications, it could you  make you authoritative in your industry. You can use your influence and authority to teach your followers and clients.

  • Always available 7 days and 24 hours.

Finally the power of a website to your business is it’s accessibility 24/7. Like we mentioned above it is not a advertising on newspaper, magazine, TV or Facebook. It doesn’t just disappear. People can always find it and depend  on the information. It is accessible.

A website for personal use

For individuals who are hobbyists, freelancers, professionals etc there are a number of reasons to own a website. May be you are a freelancer, hobbyist, or simple layman. Having your own website opness countless opportunities.

  1. Make money
  2. Start your business the easy way,
  3. Build your personal brand,
  4. Have a voice,
  5. Build credibility,
  6. Find a job easily,
  7. Network with worthy people,
  8. Make your hobby profitable,
  9. Build something important,
  10. Have online presence.

Now I believe everyone is ready to jump start building their own sites. Also I know everyone can’t afford to hire a website design and development company. That is where my next section is. Something to own until you are ready to own you own professional website with it’s own domains. These sites listed below will enable you and your business to grow online until you are ready to start your own website.

Free blogging sites untill you get ready

If you are not ready to build a professional website, there are ways to build some for free. Here is a list of ways to design and own your own first website.



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