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Before implementing an ERP system we encourage you to take part in our free ERP training.

Here are some facts about ERP training:

  1. ERP projects allocating 7% of the budget to training were significantly more successful than projects where only 4% of the budget went to training.
  2. Best-in-class organizations that integrate training with daily business processes get the best benefits out of ERP solutions.
  3. 55% of best-in-class organizations train new hires after the initial stages of ERP implementation.

These data are collected from organizations around the world. The fact is the numbers would probably be worse in Ethiopia. Yet a number of organizations are spending¬†a lot of money on ERP implementation without considering the need for training. We advice all our customers who implement ERP with us to take training. Because even for the success of our systems the change in people’s mind is a must. We have learned, the hard way, that these are some advantages of taking ERP training.

  1. Successful ERP implementation, which includes the following:-
    1. Increased employee and management readiness to implement ERP,
    2. Reduction of ERP implementation and maintenance cost and time,
    3. Minimization of ERP system implementation and maintenance risks.
  2. Increased productivity of employee and managers,
  3. A smooth transition of ERP between implementing organization, like BusinessTYC, and your organization,
  4. Successful transfer of knowledge from implementing organization to your IT team.

These are some benefits of taking ERP introductory training. So, before you take the path of organizations implementing ERP, we believe you should take some introductory ERP course. Luckily there is one set up by BusinessTYC. We offer free training every weekend for an organization that book an expert using this form.

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