About TYC

About TYC Web Design

TYC is a web design and application development company in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We build gorgeous, unique and robust websites and apps with limited time and resources. We really enjoy what we do here at TYC, as a result, we are able to deliver much much more than our customers expect.

We are always designing high quality and search friendly sites by following industry standards. At TYC our service is divided into pre-design, design, pre-launch and post-launch activities. Customers who get all these services benefit the best.

TYC web design Pre-design activities

These are activities we are always engaged in because we love web design and app development. We share the result of these activities in our web design blog articles too, but here are some of them.

  • UI/UX research,
    • Typography, layout and tends
  • Mockup design options,
  • Mockup discussions,
  • Custom theme development
    • WordPress,
    • Drupal,
    • October CMS,
    • Joomla,
  • Custom plugin development.

Pre-launch activities

Every website at TYC web design is rigorously tested before launching. Some of the tests we perform and report to you include:-

  • Mobile friendly and/or responsiveness test,
  • Performance test,
  • Accessibility test,
  • Compatibility test, etc

Post-launch services

At TYC web design, we help you get actual benefits of your website by providing the following services post-launch.

  • Continues website maintenance and update,
  • Website analytics and reporting
    • Website users audience analysis,
    • Website users acquisition analysis,
    • Website users behavior analysis, and conversions
  • Broken link analysis, etc.

We know you need a website, a good one. The kind that attracts customers and impresses them. Then you have come to the right place – TYC web design Addis Ababa. Now contact us and let’s work together.

About TYC Application Software

TYC is also a set of application software products that you can use right away. We have studied local businesses and their requirements to develop these apps. As a result