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Simple FAQ page HTML template

Screenshot of our FAQ page HTML template

Let’s develop a simple FAQ page HTML template that we can use in different projects. Most of the time, FAQ pages have a list of questions where users will be able to click. Upon clicking the answer will be displayed. Simple. First, we will go ahead and create our folder structure like this. Working with […]


PHP preg_match examples to validate user inputs

PHP preg_match examples that can be used for real-life projects are hard to come by. Here I try to elaborate regex in PHP by using actual codes I have used to validate user name, email, phone number, etc. However, as usual, I suggest checking the basics of Regex from the official PHP website. Also, we […]


Most common PHP string manipulation questions

Learn PHP string by answering the most common string manipulation questions

These are the most common PHP string manipulation questions that I had come around when I was getting started with PHP. Most of these easy concepts still confuse students. But let’s take few minutes and take them one by one. How do I combine two strings together? The first common PHP string manipulation question is […]


A look into PHP implicit casting

PHP Implicit Casting

PHP implicit casting is very common. But before we see what it mean, let’s see why implicit casting happens. Again, PHP is supper-friendly. Also, it is a loosely typed language. In other words, PHP allows us to declare a variable and simply use it. And, PHP determines the data type of the variable automatically. Note: […]