15 Reasons you need to revamp your website

Reasons to revamp your website

Do You Have to Revamp Your Website?

Why did you have a website in the first place? Let us assume & say

  • To advertise your company,
  • Promote your products,
  • To inform your customers/readers etc.

Do you think your website is doing any of this right? Half the website out there are not. Instead they are pissing your customers, tarnishing your company’s reputation and messing your online presence.

That is why  you should consider revamping your website. In deciding if you need a website revamping, take a closer look into these 15 reasons. These 15 reasons will help you decide if you want to revamp your website or not. These same reasons will also help you in making sure the new website has these important attributes.

You need to revamp your website

#1. Your website is not reachable

There are millions of websites out there and no one could remember your address. That is why we rely on search engines.
When we search, we type in what we want. May be we are looking for some brand we saw on social media or we are querying some question. Your website might have the right information but what is the use if no one could reach it. For example this is the case with most government website & their information. They may have important information in them but they will never come up on SERP.

If your website have these issues, you need a website revamping with SEO in mind.

#2. It takes forever to load

Let’s say you are a good googler or you have amazing memory to remember the exact url of this important sites. So you go to one of them. Even if you have all the patient in the world, most of these site would make you give up. The reason, they take forever to load.
According to researches, 47% of users expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less. $40% browsers abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
Users are annoyed and frustrated by a slow loading sites. In some cases this sites might even crush your browser.

#3. Poor or no navigation

This is not exaggeration. Most websites just don’t have good navigation. It will take forever to even get to contact us. Users easily get lost on some weird looking page and then they just want to leave. For example take a look of this site.


If you have a website with no navigation menu and/or inconsistence theme design, then you need to revamp your website

If you have a website with no navigation menu and inconsistence theme need to revamp your website

#4. Terrible or no search

On the internet users are always in a hurry. They don’t have time to go through all your menu, links and articles. Hence they rely on onsite search.

Sadly for users, admins and website owners; most sites don’t have search functionality on their website. Even if they do, it’s down right terrible. This is a major cause that made users quit your site.


#5. It is not responsive

Responsive websites are the once users can easily use in their phone. Instead of staying the same shape and layout as the desktop version, responsive sites actually change their shape to fit the screen size. If your website design doesn’t respond to screen size ,  consider revamping your website right now.

Responsive design is not a luxury, it is a must Having a responsive site is very critical as more than 70% of your website users prefer their mobile phones.

Revamp your Website if it is not responsive

This is typical example of a website that people think is responsive but is not. And hence it is time to consider to revamp it.

#6. Your website uses excessive images

If your site has excessive uncompressed images and other multimedia content, it just kills user experience. Decide and chose which of those images you want and work with. Explore about lazy loading and try to implement it.


#7. Flashes and other multimedia content that autoplays

Once flashes were major part of websites. Not just major part, there was time it was critical. But now it’s is the age of javascript and awesome animations that don’t kill performance.

Sadly flashes do kill performance. Besides their content can’t be indexed. If your website still has flashes, it’s time to replace it and revamp it.


#8. It Uses Excessive Pop-ups

There are some modern pop-ups that do good jobs. But if your site still possesses those terrible pop-ups from early 2000, time to move on.


#9. Thin Content

Content is everything. Don’t build a website if you cannot provide it with quality content. Websites with thin content frustrates users, never deliver valuable service and most of all are not reachable.


#10. Unorganized Content

May not be as bad as thin content but websites with no data organizations drive users crazy. Organizing your content is the first thing you should do when planning to build a website.


#11. No contact

One of the top reasons people find your website and visit it is to contact you. Sadly most website don’t even have that. Even if they do have this important information, it is hidden somewhere no one can find. If your website’s contact information can not be easily found, it’s a good sign to redo it.


#12. No social media integration

Social media is everything and everywhere. Wherever you are right now, may be at your home, in a bus, school, office just turn to left and right and you will find people staring at their phones. And it is probably that most of them are on social media networks like facebook. Make sure your business has a facebook and other social media pages and put links into your websites. If not it’s time to revamp  your website.


#13. Clickables are not obvious

At the age of mobile phones making sure all clickables are obvious is a huge step in usability. Like mentioned above mobile phones take more than 80% share of users online. Especially in a developing country like Ethiopia.


#14. Text don’t have a simple format

Sometimes lazy website designers might just choose a bloated theme and it could have options of fonts. The idea is for the website designer or you to choose one of these fonts and get rid of the rest. Yet some lousy designer and developers just leave all the fonts there and your website remains making a number of font requests it doesn’t need. This creates a slow website and frustrated users.


#15. You score below 50 on google speed test

As you have already figured speed is everything for a website. If your website is slow you will have no users, however good your aesthetic design looks. Hence make sure you quantify speed. One way to do this is to use google speed insight test. If your website scores below 50 you new to revamp your website right now.

Website speed test to decide if you need to revamp your website

Website speed test is one of the things you have to do to see if your website is performing well.

Enough Reason To Revamp Your Website?

These are our top 15 reasons to help you decide if you need to revamp your website.  As  a website design company in Ethiopia we have experienced  some terrible website that  deeded some revamping.  We think it is enough list of reasons to decide and renovate.

What is a main concern for your website? Do you agree with our list? Do you have other reasons to renovate  a website? Please let us know in the comment section.

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