10 All-time Basic Website Design Practices

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More and more people are taking their inquiry online. Especially, people who are new to our city like the diaspora, diplomat community, etc. do not go around the streets of Addis Ababa looking for and asking the best restaurant. Instead, they just type a few words on google and something comes up. Like it or not Google is the new business recommender in town.

This is also true for the new generation of Ethiopians. Including me, many young guys, ask google and social media for what we look for. We check online for shoes, spare parts for cars, phones etc before going anywhere on foot.

So when I see a clinic that has a website, I immediately want to take my health issues there. It is exactly the same for the tourist who sees a restaurant with a website, a café with trip advisor review, a tour agent with a google review etc. It just immediately builds trust.

So, a wise businessman who want to attract the new generation of internet users as customers, take their websites very seriously. They follow web design practices that are a cornerstone of web design and development. Sadly, in Ethiopia, these wise businesses are very few in number. Forget Ethiopia, even in the USA only 65% of small businesses have developed their own website. I assume it is less than 10% in Ethiopia.

What is even worse is, the very few businesses who have a website don’t use it at all. It is never updated, nor is it built well in the first place.


Because most websites are built in a hurry. Without a target and a strategy.

So here at TYC, we thought we would offer 10 easy website practices you could implement into your website to earn satisfying ROI. If you are the majority and still don’t have a website yet, take a very good note. Because these are points you want to bring up with your website designers and developers.

1. Have a CTA

This is one of the most misunderstood and misused part of a website. A CTA (Call to Action) is your main message to the users. What do you want them to do? Visit your establishment, download your research papers, see case studies.

Think of it this way, if you were giving a speech about your business, what would you tell your prospects at the end of your talk. Maybe, come and see us; or try our product.

Your CTA is the one major activity you want your prospective customers to take on your website. If you can not come up with one very important thing, then you need to think again.

10 Web design practices. Number 1 is CTA. TYC Web design in Addis Ababa
Number one of 10 web design practices is CTA

2. Have an easy navigation menu,

Providing easy navigation also seems a very simple website design practice. Yet, it is. Yet it is one of the things over-done unnecessary. Most menus have dropdown buttons, or mega navigations, etc when there is no need to. The website doesn’t even have that much content, yet here we are going through all these links.

As an end user, it only results in frustrating and missing out on possible activity, like sales.

3. Provide Contact Information.

In my opinion, contact information should be on every page of a website. Not just in the contact us page, where it should be given in much more details. But in either the footer or header you should at least leave your phone so customers can easily call you and ask for things they couldn’t find in the website.

This is a website design practice I take for granted and miss out most of the time.

4. Is your website responsive?

More than 65% of internet users in Ethiopia are on mobile phones. So when you design a website make sure to test in on one. When you see a reasonably good website on your phone as you see on your computer, you have a responsive website.

Seriously, if your website is not responsive, you are missing out on so much business. Fix it as soon as you can by contacting your local website designer or developer.

5. Sensible Content First

Most people assume a website is just some graphic element of advertising. But the most important part of any website is the words in it. Users might be attracted by some graphic element, like a beautiful button or an image but at the end, to learn something about you, they will have to read what you wrote. For many, it is a disappointment, because most of the time, the words in our websites are copy pasted articles from Wikipedia.

6. Secure domain

The internet is changing, and leading industry behemoths are forcing us to use SSL for the good of everyone. SSL is a secured connection over http hence resulting in https. For example, our domain is now https://www.businesstyc.com, this informs your users and search engines that you have a secured website.

7. Use the power of social media.

Make sure you have your social media pages linked with your website. Furthermore, make sure you have a share with buttons in every page of your site.

Of all the website design practices, you don’t need a website designer to tackle this one. It is simple and just requires a good social awareness. Take your business to every social media you go to.

8. Search

If you have more than 10 page, you must have a search option. It’s just users are so impatient to look for what they want  to that they prefer simply searching for it.

10 web design practices, number 8 search. By TYC web design Addis Ababa
10 web design practices, number 10 is a simple search box.

9. Better 404 pages

Users get lost easily, and when they do, they just leave. Instead, give them the option of exploring some other pages. Like the home page with a 404 page.

Designing a 404 page could be fun and you can read more on how to leverage 404 page in your web design practices on our article titled, 5 ways to use 404 pages.

10. Continuity

Most businesses just leave their website in the dust after design and development. Sadly that means you get buried in a pile of billions of websites on the internet. So, what you need to do is to put up a strategy to be found when people google for the things you offer. You need an SEO strategy.

At the center of SEO is continues content updating, so continuity with providing news, articles, update on your business and industry is very crucial.


If you need a company to help you with your web design, content and social media in Addis Ababa; don’t hesitate to contact us.

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