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Work with Powerful BusinessTYC Apps to Excel in your Business.

BusinessTYC is a set of software product specifically made for business in Ethiopia. BusinessTYC applications are available online and offline in your office. Most of these products are available as a service - SAAS (Software as a Service). Start Using BusinessTYC Software to Increase your effectiveness and efficiency instantly. And to Become a Business Tycoon!

TYC Inventory

With TYC Inventory decrease your process times, automate transactions, reduce your stock levels and get complete traceability on all operations. It handles multiple stores and much more Tell me more

TYC Acadamia

TYC Acadamia is our solutions to colleges and universities in Ethiopia. It gives school administrators and teachers the tools to excel in their pedagogical endeavor. At the same time it empowers students with information and ease of learning. Tell me more

TYC eTax

BusinessTYC eTax takes care of tax preparation and declaration in Ethiopian for your business. It saves you enourmous amount of money, time and hassles. We work with accredited accountants to take care of your business's tax prepararion and declaration. Tell me more

TYC Production

Now what you should manufacture, in what amount and speed is predicted here. With TYC Production speed up the production of your factories, be ahead of raw material demands, and satisfy your customers. Tell me more

TYC Invoice

Secured and intuitive accounting package for running your business with less pain. You will fined our reports to Customes and Revenue and their integration with e-tax system priceless! Tell me more

TYC Books

Secured and intuitive accounting package for running your business with less pain. You will fined our reports to Customes and Revenue and their integration with e-tax system priceless! Tell me more

TYC Sales

Get 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle. Once again be at the right spot and increase efficiency and reduce costs with the right answers, right now. Tell me more

TYC Procurement

Make your procurement process transparent and efficient with our procurement management system. Tell me more

TYC Maintenance

TYC maintenance system is made for garages, factories and workshops to handle their scheduled and unscheduled maintenance issues. This software will reduce breakdown costs, schedules preventive maintenaces, lines insurances etc. Tell me more

TYC Personnel

Personnel management is the core of human resources management system. Yet some small companies want this core part first before committing for the whole HRM system. Tell me more

TYC Human Resources

Human Resource is the main pillar of any organization's success. How you manage your manpower determines how you run your company and how effective your are. TYC HRMS will provide the perfect platform to make you super star in human resources management. Tell me more

TYC Project Management

TYC project management helps run construction, building, manufactoring and other projects on time and with available resources. Tell me more


What's New?

Some Features

Wherever you are and wherever your employees are, now your business is accessible from everywhere. Our unique architecture enable us to provide applications that are accessible from just your office (without internet) or from everywhere. Doesn't matter if your are offline or online. So next time your in Dubai you wont miss on your sales, incomes and stock

With TYC products, your data is safe, secure and always backed up to a centeral server. All communication with our servers are encrypted - it's as precious to us as it is to you.

Once you bagged our awesome products you would probably need help. Go ahead and give us a call, help would be at your roor step.

Alternatively our training programmes, videos and tutorials will be immense for your day to day operations

Getting on top of your business will be a pleasure with our user friendly, intuitive and simple design. Our applications have first class responsive designs made with productivity in mind. This makes them accessible from everywhere, your laptop, phone or ipad.

Record transactions in a few clicks and easily manage all activities in one place.

Yes you can get one of this products or you can have it all. Our complete package is the result of this products, yet they work as one simple system together. Our ERP system is made for you, for businesses in Ethiopia. It built for business to business cooperation,