About A & L Information Technology PLC

A & L Information Technology PLC  is a unique technology company that nurtures local business demands and turns them into tech successes.

Our dynamic, vibrant and innovative staff has both the flair of youth and the experience of professionals acquired by working at local tech giants. A & L Information Technology PLC has developed solutions that could answer the needs of marginalized society, using SMS and  USSD, that would otherwise be unreachable.  A & L Information Technology PLC has developed and worked on crucial systems and projects.

Some of our clients include:

  • The World Bank,
  • The African Union,
  • GIZ,
  • The Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute,
  • and dozens and dozens of private businesses, personal websites, and associations.

We offer specialized products and services in software development and information security with deep business know-hows in finance, human resource, logistics etc. Furthermore, our company is also the leading firm in Ethiopia providing and helping companies use Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing.

Besides the software development services and products, we provide exceptional hardware and software integration. Especially our experience with integrating and installing biometrics, barcode, RQ Code, cash register, video surveillance and securities with a third party and BusinessTYC applications makes us exceptional.

A & L Information Technology PLC Products and Services

Products and Services, like Gojeb, have just started implementation based on our experience with SMS and USSD code applications. We hope Gojeb will reach farmers and pastoralists that are major contributors of the Ethiopian economy.

Our News Aggregating Service, called Ajebew, supports enterprises to monitor and follow up their PR and communications with the public. Besides enterprises, Ajebnew is the place for Ethiopian News based networking sites where users can follow and unfollow local and international News sources, blogs, and even writers to streamline their personal experience.

Please contact us to learn more about our product and services.