BusinessTYC is a set of application software products and services by A & L Information Technology PLC. Our software products are developed for local businesses. Our services are tailored with local requirements in mind.

BusinessTYC is in essence power. It gives a company comprehensive knowledge to control and lead an organization as well as an industry.
What this means is that it will save money and time leading to higher profits and success. More specifically, by laying out an improved business process and workflow, it enables management to excel in their tasks. Furthermore, all employees will increase their efficiency and effectiveness. This helps better focus the company on outcome driven management so that the ultimate vision of your company is achieved and exceeded.
Due to the success rate of Business applications, many local companies have tried to develop their own system. However, many of these endeavors have fallen short of their promises. So a company’s experience ends in frustration due to the poor application’s usability and performance, lack of user’s readiness, incoherent training and knowledge transfer, and a lack of continued support and maintenance.
BusinessTYC is different. Our approach is based on a three part proven process. First, we use BusinessTYC as a tool to transform the entire business so that every department receives the benefits. Second, we work with everyone in the client’s company individually so that everyone is empowered to make the shift. Lastly, we build our tools and system with change in mind so that it can be adapted easily as the needs and the demands of the company evolves.

In summary, BusinessTYC is not just a helpful technology, it’s a tool for power. It’s the key to a company’s continued business supremacy and industry dominance. Through the comprehensive implementation of BusinessTYC systems developed by A & L Information Technology PLC, companies will have a confident guarantee to be and remain the top in the industry.